Keep trying

As tends to happen to me all of the time, I've fallen out of the habit of writing. I'm finding more and more that things I would want to put into a blog post end up being just emails to friends. Basically I just want to know that what I write is being read.

If I write a blog post, I have no idea who, if anyone reads it. This was slightly better back in the LiveJournal days because of commenting, but I got so few comments that it didn't make much difference in the long run. With an email I can be almost 100% sure that my thoughts are at least being read (with the notible exception of anything I send to the Kid which will likely be read but not in a worthwhile time frame). And of course much of the time I will receive replies to the emails, this completing the social interaction and making he whole experience much more fulfilling than blogging.

Anyway, the bottom line is that I'm planning to occupy this space again and more often. The likelihood is that I'll still send the emails so this space may be repetitive for certain people, but I plan to expand things here more than I might in an email. Because we all know that if the email is too long, it won't get read.

I'm gonna end this one now because I have a story to tell so I want to start a new post for that.