My "Boss"

Sometimes I feel like I'm a bit of a dick to my "boss" or supervisor or whatever the hell he is. Just now, he came down to check in and see how I was doing, and towards the end of the conversation, I turned to my computer and started doing work. I didn't specifically mean it to be a gesture of "I'm done with this conversation", it was supposed to be more of a gesture like "My job is so fucking easy that I can do it while having a conversation, watching a movie, and rolling a blunt at the same time." 

The reason I feel like a bit of a dick is because my boss is so socially awkward that I feel like it's my job to put a difinitive period at the end of a conversation, because he will inevitably draw it out far too long with "ums" and "errrs" and other noises made by someone who has only truly learned to socialize with machinery involved. At one point in the conversation, he pulled out his iPhone under the pretext that he was checking the calendar, but really I was asking too many questions and he was feeling scared and in need of a techno-blanky. 

I'll be the first to admit that I'm no social phenom. I'm awful in big groups or loud spaces. I'm making slow progress, but still not the best with new people even in a small setting. But, I still understand the basics of human interaction and I can mimic the actions of a fully functioning cog of society. So, when confronted with someone who is so lost around other people, in a job where it is his job to manage a small number of people (I'm starting to think that I may be the only one,) I feel kind of bad for the guy. 

I should get back to work now.