Does this work to get a free PS3?

I found this, and I'm curious if it really works. If anyone has tried it: is it a scam or not? If anyone wants to help me out in giving this a real world test, there are a bunch of free trials and such that you can sign up for (with Blockbuster or Netflix or Gamefly), so it won't cost you much if anything.

The reasoning behind why it should work makes a bit of sense, but I just wanted to give it a real world attempt or get feedback from someone who has tried it. Supposedly, the company can afford to do this because most people never finish the process, so the company rakes in the advertising and referral commissions, but doesn't have to send out many PS3s.

If you want to help me out

Step 1: Click this link http:

Step 2: Sign up and chose an account type (Referral is the easiest and

Step 3: Complete just 1 offer (like Blockbuster or and refer
up to 13 people to do the same (use eBay! Do what I did, copy my ad).

Step 4: Receive your PS3 System for FREE (Even The Shipping Is

For proof that this is for real, click on the link below. It's the
company that is behind everything.

Thanks for helping.