iPhone in Japan

No surprise but the iPhone is a phenomenon everywhere except in Japan. Of course, the great 3G network in Japan makes it the perfect place, but unfortunately there are four things that Apple needs to do to make the iPhone sell in Japan.

1) Add MMS and make the SMS more robust. Maybe MMS is unnecessary because all Japanese cell phones come standard with email, but it's still a good feature that is missing. The real problem is the SMS. There are no options to forward messages or send messages to multiple people. This desperately needs a fix.

2) Upgrade the camera. A cell phone is the primary camera for most people in Japan, so 2 megapixels and no video just doesn't cut it.

3) 1seg TV antenna support. TV on the cell is huge because of all the time people spend on the train. Sure, he iPhone has video playback and you can buy stuff on iTunes, but that's no replacement for watching a live baseball game on your phone.

4) There needs to be a small notch cut into the side of the phone to accommodate cell phone bling. Everyone and their mothers puts danglies on their phones. The more the better.

That's all the iPhone needs in my opinion. The apps, maps and other functions are miles ahead of anything you find on a "futuristic" Japanese phone and emoticons are coming this month, so Jgirls can be all fucking cutesy with their messaging.

Oh yeah and marketing. In the weeks leading up to launch I saw no iPhone ads. People won't buy what they don't know about.