Missing the roar

Every once in awhile, I get the feeling that I miss Osaka. But that's not really true it's more than I  just miss living in a big city. Of course living in a city is very convenient there's stores everywhere and especially in Japan public transportation is fantastic. Now here in Waltham, the buses don't run very often the training also doesn't run very often and it takes a while to get anywhere good. So it's just not as but it's it's a very beautiful place clients are apartment is very nice and of course it's America everyone  well almost everyone speaks English so very no communication problems in the morning most of what I find that I miss is just simple conveniences of living in a city of course I'll so do miss my friends from Japan's I get to talk to them every once in a while end up meeting new well not really meeting new people here but I have no friends in the area and close in a the cellular telephone

I'm not going to edit this entry at all I've written this entire thing using a patient and software that I got. I just want to see how it works and what I need to do when speaking in order to make it works as best as it can just looking back so far I can see that I need to start saying my punctuation, so instead of saying I want to do this I need to say  ",". Otherwise the accuracy of the program is very good so it should should be very good for different things and  I will give it to Nadja (have to teach it to understand her name) so that she can type out her or her well-known type puts a speak her dictate her papers.

The only problem with dictation from me is that I tend to repeat myself or stutter us a little bit which comes out awkwardly and dictation but it is faster so editing will be easier