iPhone lovin and hatin

So I've had a few days to truly test out my iPhone. It has been my main form of Internet, email and entertainment for the last few days. This is mostly due I the fact that I left the power cable for my MacBook in Massachusetts and the battery is dead. Anyway I think I've used of enough to put together a proper review, much like every other blogging need in existence.

First of all the iPhone does meet quite a lot of the expectations I had. Going into this I knew that the battery life was weak. I knew that the 2.0 software was buggy. I knew that 3rd party apps had a tendency to crash. And I knew that the GPS and accelerometer could be spotty. I had done my research so I wasn't expecting the best, but even with those problems the phone isn't that far off.

Every single problem above, with the exception of battery life, can and theoretically will be fixed or at leasted eased with software updates. My buddy Jesse tells me that even the new version 2.0.1 helps a lot. Though of course I don't know because my laptop is dead. I'll update this entry later today after I've had a chance to update.

The only problem I've come across that I wasn't prepared for is that the phone tends to become unresponsive at times of high stress, be it installing new apps or playing an intensive game. Another minor annoyance is with the auto correct function of the keyboard. Overall it works beautifully. If you trust the auto correct it will fix your mistyping correctly about 90% of the time, which is a fantastic way to deal with making a smaller keyboard. My problem comes from the auto correcting of swear words. The system will learn based on what words you use frequently but this doesn't always work right. For example the first couple times I tried to type the word "fuck" it would be auto corrected to ""duck". "Shit" becomes "shot" and "hell" becomes "he'll". Now sometimes it will give me fuck if I type it correctly but if I accidently type fuxk it will be corrected to duck unless I stop it. Like I said, minor annoyance. A bigger problem is the relative lack of spell check. The system I wonderful at picking up typing errors but doesn't check spelling at all. I can't tell you how many times I've misspelled Massachusetts.

Aside from all of that, the phone works perfectly. The phone itself is very intuitive, as are much of the functions of the phone. The only things I needed to check the manual to do were: rearranging the icons on the home screen and focusing the cursor on a specific spot within a word. Everything else could be learned wihout help. Sine people may not like that you can't control the iPod functions without unlocking the device, unless you use the packaged earbuds which I find never stay in my ears.

The shape of the phone is comfortable in my hand, but it is takin a bit to get used to the squared corners when I am on a call.

Lastly I wanted to mention the apps, because they are probably the best part of the new iPhone, despite their relative instability to the rest of the system. I have downloaded about 40 apps, all but 4 of which were free and I am very pleased with the range and functionality of the software so far. I would like the app store to have some more subcategories to make it easier to browse, because scrolling through 400+ games or 200+ utilities is annoying. Some notable apps are:

1) Aurora Feint. This is a puzzle game that is planned to morph into an iPhone only MMO. The game now is well designed, fun and addictive, though a bit buggy and some of the strategy elements are hard to see at work. The accelerometer plays a wonderful role to change up gameplay. Best of all: Free! For now.

2) Koi pond. Small and simple. Just a virtual koi pond to play with, but it is beautiful and surprisingly relaxing.

3) MLB.com. I'm actually a little disappointed here. This app feels light. It has updating scores and video but no box scores, no standings, no news, and no stars. Good for what it is, but it could be a lot more. As is just bookmark ESPN on your home screen.

4) Super monkey ball. Fun and pretty but the accelerometer is a bit too sensitive and it's hard to find a neutral position. Plus I can't seem to save and continue from the middle of a level.

Of course these last 3 are the only apps that I paid for, but I guess I give more leeway to apps that are free. With the free apps it's just a matter of finding what you like. There are tons of apps out there. My personal favs are: Wordspress, Evernote, Facebook and Movies. Just simple things that I use frequently.

That's it for now. There will be a brief update after I test 2.0.1 a bit.