Life is annoying me today. Just little things coming together and building on each other until something stupid seems like a major slap in the face.

Things started out well enough. I had to get up really early, but that's nothing new these days. And of course, to start my dad had a case of the "Big Day Crankys". He has always had a tendancy to be in the worst moods at the beginning of a big day when we really need to get ready a bit faster and get out. Today, of course, was no different. I woke up and he was complaining about how his kids have no compassion and we don't understand that it takes him a long time to get up from sitting down and he can't move that fast. But, the point of it was that he has always gone into the bathroom and disappeared for an hour whenever we need to get going somewhere, be it a move to college or the airport or graduation or whatever. He was fine after we got to the graduation, but it wasn't the best start to the day.

The graduation ceremony was good, but long and we had to sit through all of the undergrads and others before getting to Tracy's walk. After that was lunch which wasn't too bad, just a lot of people around that I didn't know and didn't really care about. The annoying thing there was that there was no cell signal so I missed calls from Nadja, and because of the time difference and our schedules, we haven't had a chance to talk in a couple days.

The next annoyance is the one that tipped everything over. I got back to the hotel and my laptop cable still isn't here. I called the hotel and it turns out that the cable still hasn't even been sent out. The full story is that I left my laptop cable in the hotel near the basketball hall of fame in Massachusetts last week. I called them the day after to tell them that I forgot it. They said that they had it at the front desk, so I gave them the address to have them mail it to me while I was here in Florida. This was on Monday. At the time, I was told that my cable was at the front desk. Later I was told that my cable was locked in a closet and the head housekeeper had the only key and she wouldn't be in until Wednesday. I called back on Wednesday, and they had the cable at the front desk. I gave them the address in Florida again and was told it was being overnighted and someone would call me to let me know what happened. No one called. I called on Thursday, no one knew what was happenning and I was told someone would call. No one called. I called yesterday and had the same thing happen. Finally, today I called and went straight to the Manager. I told him the story, and he told me that the cable still hasn't even been sent out, and since I'm only in Florida til Tuesday, I gave him my address in Placid to have it sent there. The assistant manager is claiming that he tried to call me twice but I never got any missed calls or messages. Now the manager promised that he would personally oversee it and make sure it gets out, but at this point this is going to make a week and a half that I did not have my computer and so only had limited access to my files, which is really making the job hunt difficult. Bottom line, I am really pissed at this fucking hotel.

So, after all that happens. I update my favorite game on my iPhone and because the game didn't give me any indication that I needed to enter info into a community in order to have my stuff saved on a server, so I lost hours and hours of gameplay. As I said before, a relatively small thing, but after everything else it just pisses me off all the more.