Apartment hunting

For the last two days I've been wandering Waltham with my dad trying to find an apartment for Naj and I. It has been a long couple days and I think I found the diamond in the rough but now we have to go through background checks and such. Very annoying.

One bright spot has been my new iPhone. And I say this not as a fanboy. This thing has simply made an annoying process much easier. Having google maps in hand while driving around a new town was great. Plus I could email landlords to set up meetings. And best of all, in any down time I could surf craigslist and find more apartments to see, then either call or email easily to set up an appointment. Very nice.

Shame that the phone likely won't work in Placid, but I'll manage. It'll only be a day, then down to Florida, then a few more days and back to Waltham.

Waltham is a nice, if typical, Northeastern town. It's filled with college kids and hippies. It's old and can go from nice to shabby block by block, but overall it's pretty good.

And, I am loving the Massachusetts accent so much!