Teaching at the Zoo


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This morning, I did a special "English at the Zoo" lesson for about 20 or 25 kids aged 3-6. It was a lot of fun, and probably wouldn't have gone off quite so well had I not been there because my boss was having trouble getting her Macbook to show things correctly on the projector and no one else at the zoo had ever used a Mac. So, even though her computer was all in Japanese, I was able to fix the problem in about 2 minutes because of this crazy idea I had, "There is a problem in displaying something. How about I go to the 'Display Settings'?" For the life of me, I still just don't understand why people are confused by Macs.

Anyway, at the end of the lesson we took the kids to see the bear cage, and as fortune would have it, the two Spectacled Bears were having sex.

After the lesson finished, I had some time before my private lesson, so I decided to take a walk around the zoo. I have lived within walking distance of the zoo during my entire time in this country, but I had never been there before, and now I'm glad that I never went. Tennoji Zoo is just a really sad, small, and very dirty zoo. The vast majority of the animals don't have enough space and have given up on even getting up (as you can see with the leopard pictured here.)

The zoo itself is in a dirty and seedy area of the city (which many locals will tell you is the most dangerous place in Osaka) that is basically a flea market by day and a pan-sexual bazaar by night. Aside from the zoo, the area is also home to the biggest red-light district in Western Japan, and our favorite kushikatsu restaurant (though unlike the video, our place is not one where you cook it yourself, it is Bob Marley themed.)

Anyway, come see the rest of my pics from Tennoji Zoo.