More Osaka Fashion

I guess more than a study in Osaka fashion these photos are just to create a sense of the people in this city. The fashion is what originally started me into taking the pics, but overall it's more about the incredible image consciousness of Japan.

Every Japanese person will admit to the society as a whole being obsessed with appearance. However, as I've mentioned before, plastic surgery is very rare here. Most common is the surgery to make their eyelids more "Western", but all other issues are dealt with by applying a few inches of makeup or an amazing hairstyle. Oh, and hats. Lots of hats. I personally enjoy seeing women in cowboy hats, but that's not too common, mostly it will be awful trucker caps, or my personal favorite, the fedora.

Of course there are always the different groups in Japan. The hippies, the host boys, the schoolgirls, and of course the poodles. But aside from that there is a pretty solid variety. Unfortunately, there is also a huge population of fashion victims in this country, but I guess that comes with striving to look different.

One fun thing about taking all these pics is that Japanese people are quite different from Westerners when it comes to cameras. In America, if I were to sit in a downtown area and simply photograph people going by, people would get angry and look at me like a pervert. But, here in Japan people smile and pose. If someone does get annoyed, it's probably because you don't take their picture.

It's just a lot of fun to watch people. I've always been a big fan. You get to see incredibly interesting human interactions and behaviors. One of my favorite things to watch is the subtle ways that people have of avoiding the sun here. Because the sun is evil. Or, seeing how meticulously put together someone is and knowing that it took them hours to get the look just right, not to mention the touch-ups on the train. I just wish I could get better pics of the makeup because it is truly ridiculous what is done here.

Anyway, I don't want to write any more. I just want to the album. I'm out.