Jehovah's Witnesses in Osaka

A couple Jehovah's Witnesses came by just now (new people, not our usual pair,) and I thought the interaction was pretty amusing.

Bob - "blah blah Noah's Ark. blah blah teach us a lesson. Do you think the flood actually happened or is it just a story to teach us a lesson?"

Me - "It happened."

Bob - "Yes! blah blah lesson. So you must read the Bible?"

Me - "No."

Bob - "..."

Me - "Yeah, never read the Bible, never really been to church."

Bob - "Ah, well you believe in God right?"

Me - "No."

Bob - "Uh..."

Me - "I believe that the flood happened, because there is geological evidence, but whether Noah was there or the Ark, I can't say."

Bob - "Ah... Yes, the evidence... And, have you always felt that way about God?"

Me - "Yes."

That's when his tone changed to how everyone needed spirituality. He gave me a couple magazines, we chatted about the shit-storm that was Nova and then he and his J-partner went on their ways.

It's nice when people who come to your home to spout their beliefs at you actually respect your beliefs. I liked this pair better than our usual ones, because as nice as the other ladies are, they are a little more insistent with the "Yay, God!" propoganda.