Welcome welcome, one and all. It's time for chapter 6 in the life of Michael Thomas Heller (of course this will only make the 3rd regularly blogged chapter, but we'll ignore that for now.) For those of you keeping track:

Chapter 1: Childhood (writing skills not developed)

Chapter 2: High School (chronicled sporadically in personal journals)

Chapter 3: Life at Syracuse

Chapter 4: Life in Montreal (also partially chronicled in photos)

Chapter 5: Life in Osaka (chronicled mostly in photos, but slightly in the previous journal and at Facebook)

Chapter 6: Life in Boston

To be accurate, life in Boston won't really start until mid-August, but there has been overlap in older chapters, so why not keep up the trend. Anyway, have a good time to anyone who has found their way here. I'll try to get the pace back up from where it was before. Mostly, I'll be starting with e-mail posts of random thoughts from around Japan. I do have the option here to import my old journals, but I like the idea of a clean page.