I was Stumbling on the net today, and I came across a program called "MuchoBene", which is a great idea, but awful in practice. The basic idea is that it is a public IM service, like AIM or MSN, but without a login. You simply ask a question and other people with the program help you out if they can. Great idea right? Instant help.

Unfortunately, this is assuming that people on the internet are helpful. This is the worst possible assumption to make about the world.

No one on the internet, who has the knowledge, and actually has the time to answer someone's question will ever be helpful. The general conversation will go something like this:

You - "I'm having trouble with this.... This is what's happening... This is what I've tried.... Any suggestions?"
Faceless Internet Jerk - "Wow, you're just retarded. Why do you even own [that product]? You are obviously too stupid to do anything."

Of course, you could try to defend yourself, but the Faceless Internet Jerk (FIJ) has an answer for everything.

"I tried...." you may say, in an attempt to prove that you are not stupid. "If you know so much that you can call me an idiot, why not just help me?"

FIJ - "You wouldn't understand anything I say. You're obviously too stupid. Just give up on life. You're so stupid, I bet you have AIDS."

And the conversation would go on from there. I know what some of you are saying. I'm giving the FIJ too much credit, there is no way his grammar and spelling would be that good. It would look more like, "U wuldnt understand. your to such tard. I bet you have aids, cuz yer that stoopid."

That would probably be a more accurate representation of the FIJ's statements, which should only further illustrate that arguing will get you nowhere. A FIJ will never understand logic. Logic is what we "stoopid people" use to show the world just how stoopid we are.

In conclusion, it is not completely pointless to ask questions of people on the internet, but you have to do your research to find the forums where intelligent people are. You need to search out people who realize that the answer "Google it." doesn't work any more because the top hits on Google are the forums with FIJs telling everyone to "Google it." It's a vicious cycle. You can still ask questions, but there is only about a 5-10% chance that someone will be kind enough to help you in any way.
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