Finished book 7 of Harry Potter today, and here are my thoughts:

1) The first 250 pages of book 7 are useless. How many times do I need to read the phrase: "They thought over their options and didn't do anything." Fuck that.

2) Neville Longbottom is my favorite character in the series. He has the best character arch of all, even better than Harry.

3) The ending is more of a trick than a twist, and like Alfred Hitchcock, I hate trick endings. A twist means you can see the ending if you are cunning and clever enough, a trick comes out of nowhere.

4) Not sure Dumbledore is built up correctly.

5) Too much of a swing with a major character. For Harry to give his son the middle name of him... it was too quick and not believable enough.

That's that. No spoilers, just my opinion. A warning though: If I do get comments, there may be spoilers there.