Sitting in the airport in Hong Kong, already bucked my target sleep schedule and slept through most of the 3 hour flight from Osaka to here. Woke up for about half an hour to eat lunch. I wasn't hungry, but it seemed silly to not eat. I can't be sure when the meals are coming during this marathon trip, so I'll take it when I can.

Hong Kong looks beautiful. Or, more specifically, the mountains around the airport look beautiful. If I had brought the cable for my camera (I knew I had forgotten one important cable,) I'd be posting pics right now, but anyway. I definitely want to travel around China. I want to take the boat from Japan to Shanghai, then make my way through the rest of the country. I just don't want to do it right now. The announcement when we landed said that the temp outside was 32 degrees C (90F) and a quick googling tells me that the humidity is 64%. Not as humid as Osaka, but the heat is there. Maybe I'll target my return for next Spring.

Already had my perfunctory "wet-my-pants" moment of my trip. It seems like I've had one of these on every long air journey I've ever had. On my first international flight, to France, I spilt a cup of tea on myself. On the return from Europe, I believe it was OJ. I think I avoided the spilling on my trip to Japan, but I sweat (it feels so wrong that there is no change in the past tense of the word "sweat") a lot so there was wetness. This time around, I was in the bathroom and I didn't see the puddle of water creeping along the floor and soaking the inside of my shorts. Luckily, I was smart enough to check all of my clothing, so I'll just look like I've peed myself for a while. Hurrah.

Plus, I keep getting paranoid that I've missed my connecting flight for Vancouver because my laptop clock is set to Osaka time (1 hour ahead of Hong Kong). That's amusing.

Anyway, my eyes keep getting drawn away from the compy to the beautiful scenery around me, so I'm gonna go take more pictures. See you all in Canada.

PS. I really love my Macbook right now. I mean really. It is by far the best computer-friend I've had in my life. It's just a love-love relationship. Not like those motherfucking Sonys.