Getting ready for the long journey back to Japan. Sitting in the Vancouver airport with about 3 hours left before my flight takes off.  Oddly enough, I'm actually looking forward to getting back to Japan. That feels weird.  It'll just be nice to be back at some sort of home base. To be back in a city with proper/reliable public transport.

This week has been a damn fine time. Good times early in the week with Parker and the boys. Lots of drink, lots of smoke, a nude beach, and good food. Then out to Victoria for the wedding. A lovely ceremony, followed by a killer party.

I'm tired as hell right now, but I don't want to sleep until I get on the plane, so we'll go a bit deeper into a couple stories:

1 - Wreck Beach

I woke up the day after getting to Van-city and after the requisite group gathering there was a trip to the beach. I didn't really know what I was in for. All I knew was that I was going to the beach with Parker and his roommates: Bruno, Ehren, Fumie, Rory, Jess, and Jesse (?) and there was one other girl, but I can't remember her name. Anyway, we get to the University of BC and start off for the beach. The first task was to walk down a mountain, this would not be in any way interesting save for Ehren skiing down the stairs (video to come later). We get down to the beach and I notice something: breasts and penises. It was a nude beach. I was told this, but I didn't really understand until I was on the beach. The nudity wasn't really a big deal though, it was easy enough to adapt to that. The amusing bit were the sellers on the beach - dudes in their 50s, buck-naked save for a backpack, shouting, "Chocolate mushrooms! Weed! Ice cold margaritas!" Not to mention the homeless men coming around to collect any empty cans or bottles you might have. Very convenient. Anyway, it was a very nice trip to the beach. Good people, good beer, good smoke, and good Frisbee. Then, to top it all off, Parker and Bruno (plus some help from Ehren) carried a girl back up the mountain. She had bad knees, so the hike up would have been very painful, so Parker and Bruno put the skis on their shoulders (the skis had a purpose coming to the beach, not just for silliness) and the girl sat on the skis while they carried her back up. Hell of a thing.

2 - BC Transit Hell

On Wednesday, I decided that I would jump on the bus and head out for the ferry to Victoria to meet up with Anna & Carla and Josie. Last ferry was at 9PM, I left at about 6:45PM with what I was told was a 1.5 hour trip ahead of me to get to the ferry. I told the bus driver the intersection I needed and he said he'd tell me when to get off. I was back out at UBC before asking the bus driver where I should get off. Apparently, he thought I had gotten off and I had missed my stop by quite a bit. By the time I doubled back to the intersection I needed, it was close to 8PM and I decided I wouldn't have time to get to the ferry, so I headed back to Parker's for lots of drinking.

The next day I started out much earlier. I jumped on the bus at about 1:30PM. I got to the ferry at 5:30PM.

The how of that trip starts out with the same bus as Wednesday, but this time I got off too early, then walked a few blocks unnecessarily before realizing my mistake. Found the right street and got on the bus I was told to take. Told the bus driver where I needed to go, He said I'd have to switch to a different bus to get where I needed to go and that he would tell me when to get off. This bus driver kept his promise. He told me where to get off, but in telling me he pointed me in the direction of a non-existent bus stop at 70th and Oak. I wandered around for about an hour before finding a phone. I called a cab company and found out that it'd be about $50 to get to the ferry, but the cab guy was nice and gave me the number for the BC transit. I called them and they told me that the bus I wanted was at 71st and Oak, one block from where I had been. I made my way back, then had to wait about 30 minutes for the bus I needed. Then, I found out that the bus would be $4.50, and I only had $3.25 in change. The bus driver let me on anyway, but was none too pleased. Luckily, a very kind lady gave me the $1.25 to make up the difference in my fare. The rest of the trip went by without worries.

3 - The wedding

It was a small affair, only about 70 guests. The ceremony was short, but very emotional. The speeches were perfect, the right mix of laughter and tears. Dinner was yummy as hell. Then the party was just crazy. The lineup was: 70 guests, 90 bottles of wine, 96 bottles of beer and 10 bottles of champagne. Not to mention music and DJ duties by Lindy. There was some damn fine dancing. There was some croquet. There was smoking down on the beach. There was a candlelit jam session with music by LIndy and Anna & Carla. Just a damn fine night all around.

Hoo boy, I'm crashing. I don't know if I can make it to boarding for my flight. Need to go in search of caffeine. Pictures and likely more words when I get back to Japan.