So, I joined the gym yesterday. Costing a lot of money, but theoretically it's worth it to, y'know, be somewhat healthy. Just got back from my first day there. It's a pretty nice gym. Met another gaijin, I think his name was Adjan or something like that. It sounded suspiciously like "Asian" but with a decidedly "j" sound in the middle. On top of that I "saw" two Japanese penises (I assume they were in the mane of pubes somewhere) and the big surprise was that I found out that in the time I've been in Japan I've lost about 15 pounds. Not really sure when or how that happened. Gonna assume that part of that is muscle in my arms, but even so, that's a pretty solid thing. If I can keep on keepin' on and drop another 15, I'll be at the lowest I've been since I hit puberty. Not a bad goal.