I saw it yesterday, and Spider-man 3 sucks. By far the worst movie of the series. And here's my Top 5 list as to why (in no particular order):

1) The fight scenes are too fast, so you can't really see much.

2) Topher Grace (as expected) was totally wrong for the part of Eddie Brock and Venom (except for one shot) was simply too small.

3) While Thomas Hayden Church was (surprisingly) a good choice, Flint Marko is useless and boring, though the Sandman fights are pretty solid.

4) Black-suit Peter is an annoying emo-haired ponce and thoroughly unconvincing.

5) There is no actual emotion, everything is forced on you. The music pushes you to feel something. The lighting and camera and sets push you to feel something. But the characters just don't have it in them. I had no reason to hope that things would turn out well for any of them, because the movie relied on the fact that you knew and already cared for these characters, which is just an awful amateur mistake.

I have 6th and 7th reasons why I didn't like the movie, but because they contain spoilers, I'm not including them in the list and I'm putting them behind a cut.

6) Not only were the relationships forced, but the character arcs were stupidly unrealistic. One minute MJ hates Peter, then loves Harry, then hates Harry, then loves Peter, then is just a bitch begging for her life with no point in the movie any more. But the worst of all is Harry Osborn, who is beautiful in the opening fight (or would be if the special effects were slowed down so you could see what was happening,) then gets the bullshit amnesia and loves Peter and MJ, then randomly gets his memory back and uses MJ to get Peter, then turns good (WTF?) because of a pumpkin bomb to the face and the fuckstain deus ex-machina butler confession.  Fuck you, you Goblin pussy.

7) The series is making the same mistakes that the original Batman series did and it's killing off all of Spidey's best villains. Norman Osborn in episode 1 was necessary and follows the books. Doc Oc in episode 2 was bullshit. You cannot ever kill Doc Oc. Sure they could bring him back, but that would be even more bullshit. And now in this one Harry Osborn and Venom are dead. I'm sorry, but just as Batman broke the cardinal sin of killing the Joker, Batman's greatest villain and rival, you cannot kill off the entire Goblin line as well as Doc Oc and Venom! I don't care how many villains you can pull out of the Spidey woodwork. The Green Goblin (no matter who is behind the mask) and Doc Oc are the greatest Spidey villains of all time, and Venom is a cult favorite. To kill off those characters is simply unforgivable.