Hanshin Tigers

Started drinking at 8PM last night. Hung out with Steve, Robbie, Tammy and Leslie. Stopped drinking at 1AM. Slept from 2:30AM til 3PM (having called in sick at 6:30AM). Met up with Steve at 4:45PM today, got train beers and headed out to Koshien for our first Hanshin Tigers baseball game. What a trip that was. Never in my life have I been to a baseball game like that. The crowd was wild. They had crowd "conductors" and mini marching bands stationed around the stadium. Everyone in the crowd had bang-sticks. Every batter for the Tigers had his own chant, not to mention the other chants, songs and rally-cries that everyone would shout out in unison. A couple girls taught Steve and I a chant (that may or may not have actually been for the opposing team, the much hated Yomiuri Giants.) Then, at the end of the game, everyone blew up balloons (shaped suspiciously like sperm) and let them all fly when the last out was recorded (not unlike a multi-colored carnival ejaculation, see the video below.) The best was that Steve and I were in right field which is the designated spot for the true Tigers fans. Out of the entire stadium our section was not only the loudest, but we had all but 3 of the Tigers flags that were waving in the entire stadium. It was super sweet.

So here are pics and movies from the game. Oh yeah, and it has nothing to do with the game, but I finally got a pic of the Japanese Nationalists who are outside my station every month yelling about foreigners. Plus, pertaining to the game, on the way into the stadium there was a sign warning people not to try sneaking alcohol into the stadium, and (surprise surprise!) it featured a white man. That's just good old family racism for you.


More chanting!

Chanting with the dancing man!

The winning ejaculation

The winning chant