So the trail of weirdness continues:

Today, I met up with Nadja for dinner before she went in for work and as I was walking up to meet her, this little Japanese woman came up and started saying something to her. The woman was probably somewhere around 60, with big glasses that were pressed tightly to her face. Her face was a bit pale except for the skin pressed behind her glasses which was a glowing pink. I kept finding myself surprised that her glasses didn't magnify her eyes at all, because they seemed bigger than was proportionate to her face, and not without a little bit of madness sparkling in them.

The woman tried saying something to Nadja, but of course Nadja doesn't understand Japanese. The woman turned to me, but of course I don't understand either. She kept talking in Japanese, the only bit of which that I caught was "wakatanai" (meaning: "I don't understand".) Then the woman pulled out some paper money and tried handing it to Nadja, who obviously tried to refuse. The woman unfolded the money and showed it to be a note of 5000 Indonedian rupiah. The woman tried again to give it to Nadja, then she pointed to the store behind us (a big computer/electronics store) and made the Japanese hand signal for "no". This didn't help us to understand at all, but the woman kept insisting that we take the money. Finally, the woman basically shoved the money into Nadja's hand. Nadja said, "Thank you," a bit bewildered by the events. The woman then said, "No thank you," and started to laugh from obvious amusement (and from the sound, a bit of madness.)

Nadja and I walked away trying to figure out how things like this keep happening. Nadja turned to me, and I smiled knowing what was coming, and said, "Don't even try to blame this on me." To which she replied, "I was fine until you showed up!"

I guess it's just our luck. Oh yeah, and by the way, that 5000 Indonesian rupiah note is worth 65 yen (59 cents US cash money).