Just booked my flight to Vancouver for A&C's wedding! It's all happening! I'll be ariving in Van city at 11:45AM on June 18th (which will be odd as hell since I leave Osaka at 10AM on June 18th. I don't know about traveling for almost 18 hours and arriving less than 2 hours later.)

The shits will be that my return flight leaves Van city at 3AM on the 25th and I get back to Osaka at 2:45PM on the 26th. Of course the joys of round-the-world travel work coming back just as going, so I'll have been in the air for close to 20 hours and will arrive almost 38 hours in the future.

But of course, jet-lag is peripheral, cuz I'm gonna be in BC for a week, and I'm gonna be at A&C's wedding!! Wooo!!