I would like to say that yesterday marked the first true surprise present with Nadja, but that's not specifically true. I told her what I was going to do, she just didn't believe that it would actually happen.

I knew that she really wanted to see Beyonce while she (Beyonce) was in Osaka. I got out of work at 3 on Thursday and so I went to Osaka-Jo Hall (the venue) to see about getting tickets. I spotted the scalpers pretty easily (just a generalization, but scalpers look the same no matter where you are,) but of course it was a bit more difficult what with these scalpers not knowing any English. I finally got 2 tickets (for less than list price), and I was freaking out about whether or not they were legit tickets. Even so, I sent word back (through periphery since Nadja had left her phone at home) to tell her that she had to leave work early, cuz she had a concert to go to.

Long story short, I thought that Nova was being a jerk and not letting her out, so I went into the Beyonce show by myself. Let me tell you, that was an awkward awkward thing right there. To go into a Beyonce concert as a lone male felt very uncomfortable. I didn't even have any interest in watching the show, I just hoped that I had fucked up and Nadja had gone in before me. She hadn't but luckily, I was smart enough to give her a ticket, and I only had to wait about 20-25 minutes before she showed. I cannot even describe the relief when she showed. I mean, quite simply, I was there for her. Beyonce is good, no argument there. She puts on a hell of a show, but I was there for my girl, so it was just uncomfortable being there alone.

Be that as it may, Nadja got there and the concert went on. It was a fine show. There were a lot of layers and crazy shit. Including a 4 minute montage of "Beyonce is awesome at life". That was a hell of a thing. Just a montage of Beyonce's videos and modeling shoots and red carpet times. It was cool.

Anyway, after the show we headed off to Namba, where we ended up going to Deb's place since Deb had just gotten back from Israel. Holy crap, Deb is just fucking hilarious. The stories were brilliant, the food (oh damn do I miss hummus!) was fantastic, and the end of the night could not be topped. I have never been part of a group relationship talk before, but it was beautiful. Relationships ought to be a team sport because Deb had a hell of a call last night and I feel like Nadja and I really helped to keep her (Deb's) game face on and ready.

It was a crazy and unexpected night, bit fantastic nonetheless. Can't help but feel good about it. It was one of the first nights where I really felt at home in this country. It was good to have a girl's night. I've been missing something like that. I just need the full spectrum. And if I get to sleep next to one of the girls, well then that's a beautiful beautiful bonus.