I have only had 2 girlfriends (that I will admit to) in my lifetime, but I can already see a pattern forming. At least enough of a pattern that I feel like I can predict with about 80% certainty the vague outline of my future wife.

She will:

- have dark hair and dark eyes (green at the lightest). (This is nothing new, I could have predicted this years ago.)

- have low self-esteem, but only low enough to the point that she doesn't realize how beautiful she is, and it will make her a little more outgoing (a good balance to my innate shyness), but it will not effect her belief in her academic/career abilities.

- be beautiful, at least to the point that the shy, fat kid inside of me will continue to be excited, surprised, and overjoyed at the site of her, no matter how long we are together.

- likely have the tendency to have a lot of guys (especially her male "friends") falling in love with her, and she will be confused as to why this happens (because of point #2), but it will be perfectly understandable, because she will be an amazing person, fun, smart, and beautiful.

Sure, maybe 2 girls does not a pattern make, but I can't see why these predictions shouldn't come true. It just seems logical that I wouldn't want to be with someone that I didn't find beautiful/sexually appealing, and I don't want to be with someone who thinks that they are better than me, not to mention someone that I feel like I'm with because it was the easy choice. I'm just gonna keep reaching for the stars.