Himeji Castle

Today was a damn fine day. Called in sick, got up early and headed out to Himeji with Nadja to check out the cherry blossoms at the castle. There was a bit of rain, some beautiful flowers, and an old American guy who followed us around talking about anything and everything.

Today was actually a strange day for people randomly talking to us. It started out with Don Darling (photo in the Tabblo,) who heard me make some silly comment and struck up a conversation, he then talked to us/followed us for about the next hour. He started talking about America and being a liberitarian and then moved into an overview of his life. He's a high school drop-out who was in and out of the military. He has lived in Vegas, Paris, and now Washington state. His wife has a PhD and a 6-figure job. He talks in circles a bit, and squashes his own arguments a lot, but he's traveled quite a bit and could be amusing, if not annoying as well.

Then, on the way out of the castle, a Japanese guy with a speech impediment stopped right in front of us on his bike and asked, "What country are you from?" I asked him to repeat himself, both because I was a bit surprised by the situation and, as I said, he had a speech impediment. He repeated himself, and I said I am from America. Then he asked, "What languages do you speak other than English?" I said I spoke a little French, and (of course!) he starts speaking in French. It was extra hard to understand him through the speech impediment, but I'm pretty sure he said something to the effect of, "Je comprend francais et je parle un petit peu." Then he just rode off.

Finally, as I was leaving Nadja at work, we were talking and this 6-year old Japanese boy butted into our conversation to wave and say "Hi." He couldn't stop staring and pointing until he and his friends were out of sight.


Anyway, it was a great day, and here are some pics. Amazingly, there are actually pictures of me in this batch. Hope you all enjoy.