Wow, what a day.

Last night, I had this crazy dream where I was talking to Leah about unifying the storylines across mediums in the Superman universe. All TV, comics, and movies with a unified storyline. Ridiculous.

Anyway, so when I woke up, I texted Leah to tell her about the weird dream, and we went back and forth for a while, and then out of the blue she texted me: "You'll have to speak up. I just got out of the shower & am naked." After about 10 minutes, my brain came back online and I was able to reply. I got no word back, then in the middle of the work day, she came down (from the 16th floor) to my floor (13) simply to tell me that she is seeing someone, because she had been avoiding hanging out with me and such.

I appreciated the honest (enormously), and it turns out I still get to hit on her, so I saw no reason to change how I acted towards her. Fast forward to getting home tonight. I got a text from her, asked for her MSN and we ended up chatting for close to 3 hours. There were some pretty scary connections made. Let's see if this sounds familiar to anyone:

Filipino girl. Not many female friends, mostly male friends. Issues with messing with people's emotions.

Can you guess who that is? No! It's not my ex! It's Leah. And, why am I not taking all of her advice and running away before I get hurt? Mostly because I'm stupid and I have this crazy notion to trust the best in people. But more than that because Leah proved beyond any doubt that she is not MJ and never will be. The key there is that Leah has been totally honest. She understands that she has problems and has warned me in every way possible. She told me right from the start that she is seeing someone and she warned me to not get too close. And even so, she is worried that she will hurt me. That right there is enough to at least give her the benefit of the doubt. It'll be interesting to see what happens from here. If nothing else, it should be an adventure getting to know this girl. I get the feeling she could become quite a good friend.

Oh yeah, and I'm also going out with Nadja again tomorrow. Dinner and a movie. I had a couple doubts, but I'm pretty sure she does like me. She is just very cynical and has some hardcore defenses. I'm willing to fight though.