Wow, so tonight was a complete bust. It was Hannah's send-off from Nova, so a bunch of us went out after work. I convinced Nadja to come and she ended up bringing her friend Ashleigh.

Long story short, I said something godawfully stupid and now I've got to fight my way back from it. Not sure what the hell came over me. Only thing I could guess is that I just flat out forgot who was around me because Ashleigh was blocking me from Nadja all night.

Anyway, I've got to say that I love my friends. I still am amazed at the gift I have for attracting great friends who are loyal to a fault. They were defending me and taking the blame and afterwards trying to make me feel better by talking tons of shit.

Hell of a night. I know things will be okay, but I just have to hope that Nadja realizes why she wouldn't believe at first that I'd say something like I did. Simple fact, I made a dumbass statement when drunk and not thinking. Everyone's gotta be forgiven a moment like that right? The fact that she didn't believe that I'd said it shows that she knows me well enough already to know when I'm doing something out of character.