Watched "Elizabethtown" with Nadja last night and, apparently, it is possible to like Kirsten Dunst. Not a lot, and she will never be attractive, but she can be likable. Cameron Crowe is damn good at his job, but he can't do everything.

So now I'm trying my best to put together my first small present surprise for her, but I'm under a time constrain that I wasn't expecting. I already got the book that she wants, and DVDs. I'm ripping the movie right now (30 minutes to go on the rip,) then I have to burn it (~40 minutes.) After that I still have to run back to Imazato (30 minute travel time) to return the movies before heading off to meet Nadja at 5:30 for a trip to Kyoto for a lantern display festival.

This is gonna be close. I may have to change the plan and meet her at Umeda instead of at work.