1)  I got my Ron back! He got bored with things with his girl and he's coming back to life. Tomorrow is his release party. Should be a good one.

2) Milk & cookies! Cheese! Jerky! Honey roasted peanuts!

3) Leah! I gave her a Valentine's poem today. She said it was "cute". Then when talking to her afterwards I made it very blatant that I was flirting with her and she blushed. Full body blush. It was cute as hell. Never seen someone turn that red before. Made me feel good.

4) Racism! Yesterday at Don Quixote (a discount store here with an awesome selection of foreign goods) I saw a Japanese girl trying to get a box of something. It was really high up and she was short, so I didn't even think about it, I just reached up and grabbed the box and handed it to her. I smiled and wandered on my way. She gave me this look that was a crazy mixture that I'm not sure I can identify. It was about 20% thanks, 50% shocked, 20% confused, and 10% offended. Afterwards, the girl seemed to go to every one of her friends and tell them what I had done, and they all gave me the same look. Not even one "Thank you". Fucking Japan. Okay, I'm sorry I hurt your pride by being nice to you. Go fuck yourself.

5) Nadja!... and Ashleigh? This is a highway to the dangerzone right here. As anyone who has even glanced at my journal over the last month knows, I am jonesing for Nadja. But after tonight, I'm about 105% convinced that Nadja's friend (possibly roommate) Ashleigh, likes me. Tonight, I was talking to Nadja after work, joking around, blah, blah (maybe it's wishful thinking, but I swear she was a bit disappointed that I didn't get her a Valentine). Then Ashleigh comes over, strokes my chest while saying hi, and then pretty much pins me against the wall. I couldn't move because she was so close and I was definitely blocked off from Nadja. I mean, sure, Ashleigh is really cute and seems cool as hell, but this is still awkward. This can't end well for anyone (read: me).