The tale of two nights

Holy shit. What a night. Actually, what a pair of nights.

Last night, it started out calmly with some fun chatter over some beers, but then it got ridiculous. I went out with Hannah, Mike Stacey and Mick (all Brits). After the beers at a 280 we wandered a bit looking for something to do. Hannah got the gleam in her eye as we passed the Triangle Club because they were playing house music. Somehow (probably because it was 3AM) Hannah talked down the entrance fee from 2000yen each to 1000, so we went in. That's when the danger hit. We got shots, then Mick started buying drinks and saying, "One more! One more!" and the bartender was making them strong because he remembered me from a couple concerts.

That's about all I remember. I vaguely remember puking, but I don't know where or when. I don't know when I left the club. I don't know how I lost Hannah, Mike and Mick. I only vaguely remember the actual process of getting home (which apparently didn't happen until 9AM according to my roommate.) I remember getting to Maccers and buying some sausage mcmuffins, and I remember walking through the subway turnstyle without using my ticket, but that's it. Seems that Hannah and Stacey blacked out too, haven't heard about Mick. **Update** Turns out Mick blacked out too. And, to cap it off, he paid for his taxi home with his sunglasses. Brilliant.

Shame of it is that I was going to go to Balabushkas this morning and watch the Superbowl with some people. Didn't even make it home til the game was starting.

But, the beauty of it all was that last night was the second part of a gonzo weekend for me. Saturday night, I was on the train about to head home after work when I got a text from Steve, so I went out to Yakiniku with Steve, Lukie, Robbie, Hannah and Linzi. The conversation ran the gamut from hunting, guns, comics, work, eating poo, and penis art (with Luke about trying at one point to give a demonstration of "the hamburger".) Hannah and Linzi took off after a while (but not before the penis art convo of course.) When we left Yakiniku, Robbie tried to leave, so (logically) I threw him over my shoulder and carried him back to the group, then Luke grabbed Rob's legs and we carried him around the block to make sure he came with us. (My left arm is still sore from that stunt.)

We ended up at RockRock which was pretty full and tons of fun as usual. Steve and I danced like fiends. It was while there that I adopted the idea of "What can I get away with?" I danced with a bunch of girls, including the ADD cutie that I danced with last time I was there. That was fun, I spotted her and just grabbed her and pulled her over. She wandered off here and there, but came back a couple times. I was even trying to get Steve going a little more. He was dancing with girls, but never even tried to touch them, so I started grabbing his arm and just throwing it onto girls. That was fun.

Eventually we took off and Steve got a bit sour. His consistent failures with women get to him sometimes. Luke and I tried helping him out, but it didn't work too well. I chatted up some girl while waiting for the train, that was amusing. Then, Steve and I went to Maccers for some (can you guess?) sausage mcmuffins (surprise!) I tried chatting up a couple girls in there too but they didn't really know any English. So, on the way out I said goodbye to them, then (channeling the spirit of Ron) I said, "Kudesai gangbang?" At that point Steve literally fell on the floor laughing.

Yeah, it's been a hell of a weekend. Now, I'm just glad that I've actually got a couple days off to recover and rest.