So, it seems that my move to the 13th floor at work may be a little less temporary than I first thought. Of course, no one at Nova has actually informed me of a permanent change to my floor assignment, but I'm not sure that's really something they'd bother doing, or if they just do as they please without explaining themselves.

The move wouldn't be a horrible thing, but it would be a bit odd and it would be an adjustment. I've already got a few people on the 13th floor to keep me going. Mick is there all the time. Ron and Stacey will be there occasionally. Ashleigh will be there and so will Claudia. So, it's not too bad. It's just annoying being cut off from all the people I'd been interacting with and having no warning.

The only possible warning was that my TI (title instructor) was changed last week. Of course, I have no idea who my new TI is, he never introduced himself, and no one seems to have any idea who he is. If I got moved because he is on 13, then I'll be a bit pissed, because I don't need a TI for fuck all. Just about no one really needs one after they're off probation, and even if I did need one there are plenty of others I could ask for help. There is no reason I need to be tied to this one dude. He's gonna have to observe me once two months from now and I think one more time at the end of my contract. It's bull to think it's easier to send me down to 13th permanently than it would be for him to walk up one flight of stairs for one 40 minute period two months from now and another six months from now.

But, as I said, it's not the end of the world. It's just corporate politics and their utter stupidity. If this is a permanent move, it'll be weird to not get to wander round and see Pete, Jonah, Leah, Debra, and Linzi (I'd add Hannah, but I know I'll see her, and frankly I've been looking for ways to cut back on our interactions. As cool a girl as she is, I just don't like how many people assume that she and I are going out.) It'll be weird to not fuck with Deb during lessons. It'll be weird to hear Italian around me instead of French and Spanish. However, it will be nice to not hear Nick the gobshite all the time. It'll be a transition and I'll miss my 14th floor ladies, but I'll make due.

On a completely different subject, I had a few free periods at work today and I was going through my notebook. I'm really liking the stuff that I've written since coming here. But, as is a common problem for me, most of the stories are unfinished. I don't really know how I'm going to do it, but I want to figure out a way to get myself to sit down and finish every one of those stories. The best way would be to transcribe them to the compy and beat them out from there, but of course the danger there is that I can easily distract myself at the computer. I have to set aside the time and the place to do this and do it right. I really want to see what comes out of these.