I love women. I really really do. Good exchanges with a woman or two are all I need to make my day take a swing towards happy. Especially when one of them says things like, "I like this guy." (paraphrasing a longer comment to Hannah, while responding to something I said, so she means me. I'm "this guy". Yeah, that one felt good, I can't really remember everything she said because so much blood rushed to my head.)

I've given both of them origami cranes. Leah was much more appreciative and pleased with it. Though Nadja gets the points for the above quote.

But whatever the details. I love women. And, now I'm gonna go to bed with a big stupid smile on my face and sleep away the hours before I get to go out and see them both again. (The next test is some casual touching and a lunch date with Leah. I feel good about both of those. For Nadja, there are plans for hiking soon.)

Oh yeah, and a humorous note: apparently my roommate wasn't sure he could believe the story of Saturday night at RockRock so he verified the story with Steve. I guess I'm just unassuming. Or maybe, he's jealous because he doesn't have the balls to try this shit. Either way, I'm laughing.

Sweet dreams everyone. I know I'm gonna have 'em.