Fuck Flock

A little bit back, I posted about how I was testing out a new browser called Flock, and then subsequently found this early version lacking in the features that I really wanted. I have since been shown a whole new reason to not use Flock (as well as banishing it from my computer forever.)

Some "Flock Community Ambassador" found my blog and tried to (incorrectly) tell me that one of the features that I wanted was in fact in the browser. So, in one fell swoop, he demonstrated to me that:

1) People associated with Flock are stupid.
2) They are a bit creepy.
3) They are actually even more creepy than that.

The creepy factor comes from this thought: "How did he find me?"

I have never posted about Flock anywhere but in this personal space. So, he could have either: spent his time searching blogs for mentions of Flock and making unsolicited comments (creepy and weird, but still vaguely job-like) or my LJ was put on record somewhere as being a Flock user because I configured the blog tool in Flock to use this space (privacy breaking bullshit.)

Whatever the reasoning, I'm done with that software. I would have just sat back and waited to see what the future held for a promising young Firefox rip-off, but now I'm just gonna stick with the Big Poppa Bear. Any feature that Flock may introduce can be done (often done better) with an add-on to Firefox. Plus, I get to keep my Pimpzilla. And that is worth its weight in gold.