A few things of note that I just wanted to put out there as a matter of record (and because I haven't had a fiver list in a while):

1) I felt like a bit of an idiot a couple hours ago as my buddy Ron (from Canada) asked me why New York is called "The Big Apple" and I had absolutely no idea. The reasons are much more interesting than I expected and were found easily with Mr. Google.

2) In my net wandering I also found out that I somehow missed the official declaration that Pluto is no longer a planet. Also, apparently there is a dwarf planet, named Ceres, in the asteroid belt. Somehow missed that too.

3) On the way home, I fell in love with Buck 65's track Drawing Curtains. It's the amazingness of Buck 65, but with the added bonus of being a duet and bilingual (for all my Montrealers out there.)

4) The end of the day wave from Nadja still makes me smile.

5) Last night, on the way back from my Japanese class (during which Palinda asked me for my phone number,) I was on the train playing Tetris on my cell. A drunk Japanese businessman stumbled off the train, took a couple staggering sidesteps, then fell backwards, back onto the train, landing in a face-plant right next to me. I disgusted myself by holding to Japanese cultural rules and simply side-stepped out of the way and continued playing Tetris as if nothing had happened, as the guy scrambled back to his feet and off the train. Had I done anything not only would I have had a train full of people giving me nasty looks, but I would have insulted the drunky's pride. Sometimes, this country is really stupid.