A few good thoughts

Prehistoric lovers found locked in eternal embrace - CNN.com

Does anyone else find it amazing that this was found near Verona, Italy? Sure, these remains are from a time some 4500-5500 years before Shakespeare, but it does show the way time echoes upon itself. Tiny reverberations sticking here and there throughout history that are carried on through story.


In other news, I've started using a browser called "Flock". In the most basic terms, it's Firefox, but it's got some sweet extras (focusing on blogging, online photos, RSS feeds, and bookmarking) that have got me hooked. Sure, I'm a geek, but just think about it a bit. I bet you find it endearing.


Finally, I think I've hit one of my biannual snags of wonder concerning this space. I'm not really sure what to do. On one hand, I know that this space is simply what the name of the site implies, it's a journal. A journal is a place to store someone's thoughts: good, bad, and ridiculous. On the other hand, this is supposedly a community, and I spend a bit of time every day poking through my Friends Page, so it eventually builds up and I ask myself: "Does anyone read what I put out here?"

I assume that there are people who read what I put here. And, I know that some of what I put here are things that people simply don't feel comfortable responding to. But, I feel like those posts are the minority of what goes out into space. I could care less if someone responds to one of my writing exercises, or my long rambles into my own mind. What really gets to me is when I post something ridiculous (ie. the "English for Hookers" from a couple days ago) and there isn't a word of reply. (Honestly people, "First-rate cunt lapping! Come on, Toshi! Come on!" How is that not gold?)

I don't know, maybe I overestimate the size of my readership. Maybe, I should just try to think of this space as my private journal. They always say that it's best to hide in plain sight.