No matter how much I tried, I couldn't pull myself out of that dream.

Originally, I set my alarm for 11:30, because I wanted to start getting myself on an earlier schedule and maybe get some things done before work. I just finished waking up now (a little after 1).

The dream is already starting to fade, so I'll get through as much as I can.

It was a dream starring: myself, the Kid, Nadja, and Dennis Miller, with a special guest appearance by the Rev

Damn, it's fading so fast, all I can really remember is driving a small car with crazy handling (like a go-kart) through a city. We (me, Kid and Nadja) went to this weird pseudo-medieval reenactment place that was also sort of like a school. Jim was putting on some sort of seminar/battle reenactment. Dammit, I dunno any more. I woke up so many times, resetting my alarm.

Anyway, the basics are that I went around this place with the Kid and Nadja, had a good time and even pulled out some pretty sweet flirting (for me) on Nadja. And she kept making it blatant that she wanted me.

In the end (weirdest fucking thing ever), I drove Nadja home and when we stopped in front of her place I put my hand on her leg (electric!) and gave it one last go. She smiled and looked into my eyes, then told me that I was close, but she had wanted me to make one more big move. She got out and left, and suddenly I was in the car with Kid and Dennis Miller, and Dennis Miller was telling me about how I have to just go balls out and not let anything get in my way. When he was done with his speech, he told the Kid to stop the car (in the middle of a highway bridge) and he jumped over the side into the water and disappeared.

I wish I could remember more, because it was an awesome dream, but I woke up at 7:30, 8:30 (someone called), 11:30, 12:15, 12:30, and finally 1. Not the most conducive to remembering.