Anyone seen my toe?

Some may say that it was only a matter of time before I shot myself in the foot. To those people, I'd like to say:

Fuck you! and you were right.

One of my biggest problems has always been thinking on my feet. People think I'm funny and clever because I have a warehouse of things to say in my head and I'm good at saying things that are random as fuck. However, when it comes to a clutch situation in which I'm left at the mercy of my processing speed, I should have been dismantled years ago. The only way I get through things is by pre-planning what to say, or at least giving myself an outline. Of course, the biggest downside to this is the inability to improvise.

Case in point:
Today, I knew I was going to run into Leah. I knew I would have to apologize for missing the Super Bowl and essentially flaking on her. I knew this, so I decided to just run in with the truth and hope for the best (mistake #1).

This being the plan, I was not ready for her to toss up a softball and say that Balabushkas was closed. Had I been ready for that, I could have rolled with it, said that I found that out and had waited around, but I didn't have her number, so I couldn't contact her.

Instead, I let that beautiful piece of information fly right by me and proceeded to tell her about what happened on Sunday night.

So, instead of coming off as just a guy who was misinformed and who needed to have her phone number, I came off as a guy who is unreliable, stupid, and a bit out-of-control.

I'd like to say that this is not the end of hope. This is merely a setback and I just have to keep going and prove myself in some other way. However, there is part of me that is worried about the flavor of our interaction today. It was missing something, missing a bit of energy, a little spark that was there before.

All I can do is hope she hasn't written me off. Fall down 7 times, get up 8. Gotta keep on keepin' on. Gotta believe.