In an amazing show of jerkosity and jerkation, known well from Nova, I've got to move at the end of this month.

The story is that my roommate quit, and another guy's roommate from downstairs is moving. Nova has a couple that is coming in and no couple's apartments, so I've got to move downstairs. For the trouble, Nova is going to refund me 17000 yen (one-quarter of a month's rent).

This would not be so annoying except, I was planning on moving anyway, but not until the beginning of April when there is a room free in Ron's place. So basically, I'm going to end up living out of my suitcases for a month rather than unpacking and re-packing and whatnot.

There were vague ideas of moving out ahead of schedule and finding a place with Mike and Mick, or maybe Steve, but there's really no time to get something like that off the ground. I might as well save the money on rent and just move twice.

I got nothing against the guy that I'll be living with for a month. He works the overnight shift, so I doubt I'll see him much. Plus, he's pretty anti-social and awkward anyway. It won't be a very eventful living experience, but it'll give me time to check out other options.