Wow. What a weekend. Tokyo is exactly, yet less than I expected. Pictures and words to follow much sleeping. But, before I sleep, I want to recount 2 odd incidences from the last 30 minutes of the trip home:

1) At 7:10AM, sitting on the train that would bring me back home, there was a woman who spent about 5 minutes clipping her fingernails. Ignoring for a moment the national cleanliness obsession and her fingernails being clipped directly to the floor of the train, who has so little time that the only place in your action-packed schedule to clip your nails is on the train?

2) Back at Tennoji at 7:20AM, I stopped at Maccers for a sausage McMuffin and they weren't serving breakfast items. At 7:20AM, they were serving Big Macs and double burgers. So, I walked home hungry.

The hell?