Two days of stuff

So, last night was a damn fine night, and I've got the battle scars to prove it. It was a celebration for Robbie's bday (Monday) and Ben's bday (Tuesday.)

It started out, as many nights often do, with a whack of us (Steve, Tammy, Ben, Joy, Rob, Paul, Jimbo, Jake, Jake's girlfriend, Hannah, and me) at Yakiniku. That basically means lots and lots of drinking. Including the great drinking games like "begerkin" and "the pointing game". The pointing game is the best game ever, and the simplest. You point at someone and say "drink", so they drink, then they point to someone and say "drink". The best parts are when you get into a challenge. Some people, namely Steve, Robbie, and myself, have the strategy of sending the point back to whoever points at us, no matter what. It can get dangerous. Case in point, last week we were at Tin's and Rob and I got into a challenge with Mega beers in front of us (about 2.5 beers in one mug.)

Anyway, after Yakiniku we all (save Jimbo) headed out to Round One, which is a bowling/entertainment place. On the way, I got a burst of energy and challenged Steve (the only person I expected I could challenge/beat) to a race. There were some nervous Japanese people watching two giant white boys running for no apparent reason. On the walk, Ben and Rob started jumping into piles of trash bags that were lining the arcade.

The plan at Round One was to bowl, but there was an hour and a half wait for bowling (this was at about 1:30AM,) so we decided to go the the "Entertainment lounge" instead. That consisted of 4 floors of awesomeness. There was: foosball, ping-pong, pool, darts, mini-putt, a crap basketball game, a soccer game, a baseball catch and throw game, a shooting game, air hockey, and the best of the best BATTING CAGES and a pitching game! Greatest place ever. It cost $5 for a membership card, then it cost $10 to play as much of any of those things as we wanted from when we got there til we left at 6AM. Needless to say, the vast majority of my time was spent in the batting cages and in the pitching game.

The battle scars came from the batting cages, because Robbie's birthday wish seemed to be that anyone stepping into the cage had to take some shots to the body. So, I've got a welt on my thigh and a bump on the back of my head. Not to mention the fact that I'm not the most active dude and so my back is tight and achy from swinging and throwing so damn much. It's a beautiful pain.

Crazy bit was that later in the night, Robbie noticed that he lost his cell phone. He said he usually puts it down when playing a game so, everyone searched the entire place, but couldn't find it anywhere. But, he did eventually find it. Any idea where? That's right: in a trash pile in the arcade on the way to Round One. Steve was calling the cell constantly as we were leaving, then Robbie heard a pile of trash ringing and there it was, covered in poo. Which led to the quote of the night from Robbie:

"Everyone should lose their cell phone in a pile of poo. It's a great feeling to cap off a night." (No joke here. He was just damn happy to have his phone back.)

Tonight was a pretty laid back day. Slept until 4PM (having gone to bed at about 7AM,) then went to the first installment of my Japanese lessons. It seems like it's going to be a good class. The teacher is fun and the people seem cool. There's even a super-cutie girl from Thailand who was giving me the googly-eye. Her name is Palinda, and I believe I mentioned that she is super cute.

Yeah, I think that's a good image for me to finish on.