So, I've jsut watched Before Sunet again, and I've got Before Surise queued up and ready to go.

It has reinforced the fact that I love Western culture.

I will love my time here in Japan, but this is not my home. This is too far from everything I know and love.

I can see myself living in Europe. I can see myself being happy for a long time.  Just not here.

This is a great vacation. It's a great stop on the way. But this is not what I want.

I want the mulitcultural adventure. I want the variety.

I've known it. And it just keeps being reinforced. I am a Western man. Pure and simple.

I will love my time here, because I know how to enjoy the moment and what it presents to me, but this is still a transitory spot. A place to recognize and learn the things I really want.

It makes me happy to know this. It makes me happy to experience.