Okay, so things got a little bit more complicated with Parinda (possibly a Jap spelling of Palinda) at Japanese class tonight.

It is quite obvious, even to an oblivious retard like me, that she has a crush on me. But, she has a boyfriend. And, she knows almost no English.

That said, here's the problem: knowing that she has a boyfriend means that I will no longer actively pursue her. Even so, if she keeps coming for me, I don't know that I'm in enough control of my will power to say no. So, if something does happen while she is still with her guy, I will hate her for cheating on her boy, though I will love the opportunity to ravish her sexiness. I'd like to believe that I have it in me to say no to someone with a boyfriend. I've done it before. Though, never to a girl as hot as this. It's a trouble spot as you can see. I don't want to make her cheat, and I will hate her if she does, but I still want it.

I guess that's how the game is played though. It's just a matter of if you can keep hold of your ethics/morals (yeah, Jim, I got some of those.)

I think I can. I want to believe I can. I guess it's a matter of coming up against the test now.

I guess it's not all that complicated. It's just a matter of doing what I know is right. That's all.