Haven't been much on the posting recently. Dunno, just a weird spot with no money (pay just came in, but it's pretty weak) and not a lot happening.  Starting to feel some good vibes.

There's a girl at work that I've been jonesing for, and I'm trying to figure out how to do this without blowing it. Step one is probably to convince myself that this is not a big challenge. Step two is to really believe that.

This girl just flat out makes me feel like a gawky teenager again. She is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met and she has the sweetest ass I've seen in this country (not saying too much, but I'll add that it's one of the best I've seen ever.) Oh yeah, and she's pretty cool too.

It's just annoying how tongue-tied I get in situations like this. It's not even a matter of being too scared to talk to her, or thinking that I've got nothing good to say. It's just that when I get close to her my brain gets fuzzy and coherent thought is nearly impossible. And it turns out that as much as I talk without paying attention to myself, thinking is still an integral part of the process.

I have made her laugh though (not while directly talking to her, as those instances have been very short,) and I can't begin to explain the lightning I feel every time she flashes me a "hello" smile. I'm quite sure she wants to talk to me. I just need to figure out how to hold on to some thoughts while she's around.

Oh yeah, her name is Nadja. She's Jamaican. And, she got here a week or two before me, so this could be an all year fiasco.