Today was a day, much like any other day. I woke up too late, was outside for too short a time. Spent too much time in front of the computer. And yet, I'm still pretty happy.

My time outside was short, but well used. I wandered around Umeda with Hannah, just bullshitting and walking as per usual. But, I also picked up a new pen, and two lovely little notebooks. The notebooks being just another in a neverending line of small things that are just produced so much better than in the States. It's a simple pocket-sized notebook, probably fewer than 50 pages in it, maybe about 4x6 or so. It cost me 64 yen (55 cents) and it is one of the best made notebooks I've ever owned. The cover is durable, bendable, and a very nice plasticy-canvas texture. The paper is smooth and fairly thick. And, the binding is extremely well made. If I bought a 50 cent notebook in the states, the binding would be cheap glue that would either lead to the cover falling off or all the pages falling out. Not to mention that the paper would be an unpleasant texture and probably too thin. And there is the major difference, American products are made to maximize profit, while products here are made to hit that perfect point between customer satisfaction and profit. Sure, I only paid 55 cents for this notebook, but I'm willing to bet that I'll buy dozens more before the year is out, and take a bunch home with me. I love these things. They were designed by writers, not by accountants.

On top of the awesome new notebooks, I think I also got Hannah hooked on The Dark Tower. She was looking for something to read. I handed her The Gunslinger. She started flipping through aimlessly, and I knew that would lead to her putting it back, so I just told her to read the first page or so. That hooked her. She's already planning to buy the rest. Word.

I dunno. There were a couple other cool things about the day. I found out that the Roots will be in Japan for 3 days. Unfortunately, the shows are all in Tokyo. So, even though 2 of the 3 shows are on my days off, I'd have to pay for the concert (7000 yen) and the cost of round trip travel to Tokyo, plus possibly a hotel in Tokyo. That's a lot of money for the Roots. They may be worth it. I'm just not sure yet.

I also finished season 2 of Avatar. Man oh man, that was a trip. What a great show. It's kinda weird listening to them try to phase in the new voice of Uncle Iroh, though. Since the amazing Mako died, they had to find a new voice for the character and they have been bringing him in slowly, but also editing in old sound bytes from Mako as well. It's a strange and interesting way to ease the audience into a new actor. Although, I don't think they've even decided on a replacement yet, because there seemed to be a few different actors in there, and of course only Mako got credited. It's gonna be a long wait for season 3.

I think that's all from me. I should get some sleep. I've got a long day tomorrow. Starting the first of my overtime shifts. Every Wednesday this month I go in at 10:50, work til 3, then have 2 hours off before going back in at 5 and working til 10:40 (including a dinner break.) So, with the split shift, it's going to be like working a 12 hour day. But, overtime is worth more in December, and I called in way too many times in November. Plus, this was one of my plans with taking the shorter work schedule, was it gave me more overtime opportunities. I'm so smart.

Sleep now.