Staring At The Sun TV On The Radio Lyrics:
be what you will
and then thrown down your life
oh it's a damned fine game
and we can play all night

I love finding old songs that I haven't heard in a while and being reminded why I fell in love with them in the first place. I can't say for sure that I knew these lyrics before I read them, but I'll know 'em from here on out.

Nothing more to say really.

Cept that in case you didn't already know it, The 70s were fucked up. I mean "Bubble Magic"? Who even thinks of that?

Yeah, Dave Chapelle mixed with GTA = brilliant. Just like StumbleUpon mixed with YouTube. I love this shit. I could do this for days. Even the stupid shit seems cool right now. It just gets better and better.

This is the most amazing video ever. I'm not sure I believe that last one, too much editing, not enough continuous shots. Not to mention it's in Korean, so I don't know if they ever say how many tries these guys took, but even so these are some amazing archers. That video is making me seriously think about taking up Kyudo again. Turns out there's a school pretty close to my apartment. Classes on Mondays, and guess what day I've got off?