So, I was just reading a bit of geek news about how an exec at Sony claimed that no one will ever use 100% of the PS3's capabilities. The ridiculousness of that claim aside, one of the people who commented on the newspost about that said:

" I never read you complain about iPod's $400 price tag but couple hundred more for a PS3 keeps bugging Giz(modo) for some reason."

This is quite simply the best comment I've seen about the PS3. Well, more accurately, about the iPod. Everyone bitches and moans that the PS3 costs $600, but that thing is a game system, a Blu-ray player, a DVD player, and a media center, not to mention whatever other bells and whistles Sony adds with firmware updates. The iPod is a portable media center, that's it. Same size harddrive as the PS3, and it does the same things that tons of other media players can do. Apple just gets to jack up the price because the iPod has become so ubiquitous that no one even knows what a "media player" is, all they know is "iPod". It's bullshit.

I love my Macbook, but I will probably hate Apple until the day there is a true iPod-killer out there.