Luck be a lady tonight

I am the luckiest man in the world. No contest.

I really don't even know how I do it. But, I guess that's just how luck works. I get myself into stupid situations and I do things without thinking, but somehow things work out for the best. It's quite amazing actually.

Today, I was supposed to meet up with a couple people who had found me online. They have just moved to Osaka from Chicago for a few months and they were looking to meet up to maybe get a bit of a tour and really just to meet another American probably. I hadn't seen any photos or anything. I just said, "Sure, let's meet up. Why not?" So, we planned to meet in Amemura at 4. I had no idea what to expect.

I got down towards Triangle Park a few minutes early, and decided (mostly due to the John Legend awesomeness in my ears) to stop in a book store and see about getting a Moleskine. I saw that a Moleskine is about 1600 yen, and that reminded me to check my wallet and see how much cash I had - only 1000. I walked back up the block and went to the UFJ. I took out some money and as I was leaving I passed by a cute 6' tall girl from L.A.

"Debra?" I heard myself saying, before I knew that I was going to speak. And sure enough (like there was any doubt) it was Debra, a girl that I work with who I had really just met yesterday. It turned out that she was just wandering around Amemura before work, so she came with me to meet the internet folk.

We got to Triangle Park and were just standing there talking when we spotted two people wandering into the park, obviously looking for someone. They were both dressed all in black, the guy in leather, his hair long and lank. The girl had more frill to her outfit, but immediately I had a bad feeling. Call it stereotyping, but I have a sense of who I'm going to be friends with just by looking at someone, and I trust that sense, it hasn't let me down yet, it's only brought me closer to the awesomeness of my friends Katiedid, Anna & Carla, and Steve to name a few.

Anyway, the two who I was supposed to meet came over and there were introductions. The girl seemed very nice and friendly, but the guy just gave me the creeps. He was completely silent, maybe a one word answer here and there, and he just gave off the vibe of a guy who is proud of making people think he wants to eat their soul because he doesn't have one. This is just the first impression speaking. We walked a bit and found a resto-cafe, because the only word out of the guy's mouth seemed to be "hungry."

At this point, Debra (lovely girl that she is) bailed me out big time. She claimed to have to get back for work (lie) and said she needed my help to find her way back (true). I jumped on this excuse right away. We told the two people to sit and get some food, and that I'd be back in 10 mins. Of course, I never went back (hence the friends lock on this post.)

Debra gave me crap for a while, and I thanked her endlessly for bailing me out. Because, in all honesty, if she hadn't been there, I would have toughed it out and been uncomfortable all damn day. But, instead of that option, Debra and I wandered around for a couple hours. I showed her Namba Parks (though couldn't find the way to the rooftop garden,) where she got little presents for different people, and a few things for herself, including a Bob's Big Boy blanket (kinda jealous on that one.)

Afterward, I walked her back to work, we had dinner and that was that. It turned out to be a damn good day with just a funny story to kick it off. Plus, Ron is now super jealous of me, because he is in love with Debra. I can understand why. She is beautiful, but I really just don't feel that jones for her (maybe it's the blonde hair, maybe it's how strange it is to look a girl in the eye, maybe she just isn't my type, I dunno.) Anyway, we had a good time, and I certainly enjoyed having a little bit of girl-hanging time. So, I will now leave you with a pic of Debra, taken on my cell in a toy shop.