Jealousy is a strange and annoying emotion. It's completely uncontrollable, and often completely illogical too. That's the worst combination there is.

Tonight, I was hanging out with Ron, Hannah and Hannah's ex-roommate Lauren. I took off, because I wanted to catch the last train. People are never out when it's raining, so I didn't want to waste money and be out until the first train. It made no sense.

On my way home, I got a text from Ron saying, "I'm making out with everyone." And suddenly, I was annoyed that I hadn't stayed out and jealous of Ron. Both reactions are completely ridiculous. I am not attracted to Hannah in any way, and I'm only attracted to Lauren when I've got alcohol in me, so it's not like I'm actually missing out on anything. I'm missing two opportunities that I have no interest in anyway, so why should I feel jealous or annoyed? It's just flat out stupid.

Maybe I feel annoyed that I missed out on something, but there's got to be a limit there. Just because something happens, doesn't mean it's something desirable. Sure, if I find out tomorrow that Ron wasn't talking about either Hannah or Lauren, and was talking about some Japanese girls (which I highly doubt) maybe I'll be a bit annoyed, but as of now, I've got no reason to feel like I do.

I just wish I had a little more control over myself. Annoyed and stupid is a bad mixture of emotions.