It's kind of weird how much I've let myself go in this country.

Admittedly, I've always sang to myself and danced while standing around in public, but I feel like it's been taken up a notch recently. I know I'm gonna get stared at wherever I go, so who cares if I'm dancing or singing a song that no one else can understand?

I don't know that this theory also spans to cover the reasons why I'm more apt to dance at a club or bar around here though. I think that might be more because I've had my fellow giant-white-boy-dancer Steve with me. Once that man starts the dance, you just can't feel self-conscious, especially if you're a beat hound like me.

Another amusing side-effect of the increased dancing and singing came today at work. I can't say why, but I've been more apt to sing at work these days too. Maybe I just got into the habit while working at Mr. Mike's this past summer. Though, I doubt anyone here is gonna break out into song with me like Kid and Homer did. Anyway, on my second trip to work today (split shift overtime) I was listening to Colin Hay and the last track I listened to was "Waiting for My Real Life to Begin." It's been a song that would get stuck in my head since before I knew it was Colin Hay, because of the awesome musical number from Scrubs (and on a side note, I love how many people in the cast of that show are damn fine singers. This number doesn't even include Nurse Roberts, Dr. Wen, and even Dr. Cox can spit a line or two. Zach Braff just flat out can't sing though). So, I had that in my head and I sat down to my first lesson. Debra was in the booth facing me, and after we chatted a bit, we settled down to set up our lessons, and I started singing that song. I heard her say something, all I caught was something like, "Were you singing...?" I thought she was just asking if I was singing, which I admitted to, but it turned out that she actually knew that song. Somehow the conversation went pretty quickly to karaoke and then "Baby Got Back." But still, an amusing turn of events. Of all the songs I sing to myself, who'd think that would be the one to get tagged?