I'd heard talk about a habit of the Japanese to ignore the past, and I always assumed that it had more to do with not recognizing things like WWII, but I'm finding that it's much more wide-spread and annoying.

I don't think it needs to be mentioned, but I'm a film nut. I love me the movies. Probably something you could tell from my film degree and 300+ DVD collection. But, I've continually bumped up against Japanese people who are just complete movie idiots. The most blatant examples were a couple recent lessons I taught. Today, I had a woman who "loves American movies", so I asked her what kinds of movies she likes. She said she likes scary movies, and horror, but she was disappointed because there haven't been any good movies in a long time. Her favorite movie is "The Sixth Sense". I asked her if she had ever watched any Alfred Hitchcock movies, and she said, "Oh no! Too old!" This woman was in her 40s, so she was still a kid when Hitch was making the last of his movies, but fucking hell? How can you ignore some of the best movies, and some of the best scary movies (when you claim to be a fan) just because they came out when you're a kid? As if there have been any movies to come out since she was born that compare to Hitch.

The most blatant example came a couple weeks ago. Some guy asked me what my favorite movie is, and not wanting to be met with a blank stare, I said "The Godfather" (like anyone I teach is going to know "Almost Famous" or "Shaun of the Dead".) The guy flipped out for a bit because it was a movie he knew (yay! you know one of the best movies ever! let's all give you a parade!) Then, he asked me why I had seen that movie since it came out "before my time". Fuck! I'm still pissed that I haven't seen movies like "Citizen Kane", "Scarface", "Lawrence of Arabia", "The Bridge on the River Kwai", and "Chinatown". But, I'm supposed to just ignore "The Godfather" because it came out 9 years before I was born? Fuck that. That's like saying, "Don't listen to your parents, they aren't 'from your time'." or "Don't read Shakespeare, it's dated." Fuck all y'all. That's just the dumbest philosophy I've ever heard. Let's see one of these people not play some kick-ass Pong because it's "before their time". Stupid bitches.

Yeah, had to get that one out.

Oh yeah, and as weird as it makes me feel, I'm really liking Sho-Chu, which is a popular Japanese drink. Same alcohol content as beer, but it tastes like fruity soda (apple being most popular.)