Hail to the Thief

Tonight was a win.

Tonight was what I wanted and what I needed.

I went out with Steve and Lucas. I met up with them when I got out of work. They were at a yakiniku place (grill your own meat, plus 180 beers.) We chilled there for a bit with Hannah, and Ben. At one point Lukie and I got to talking about basketball. Damn did that feel good. It's like a soul-cleanser to talk basketball, especially with a kid from Winnipeg who is just about the most unlikely person to be a basketball fan. We left that place at about 11:45 and headed towards triangle park in Amemura. By this time it was just me, Steve and Lucas.

We wandered a bit, had some walking beer, and finally settled at Rock Rock at around 12:30, which apparently, is the place to be if you are a rock group in Osaka (I saw many Polaroids on the wall to prove that too.) It was a pretty sweet little place, though annoying that people jumped like crazy for Good Charlotte and wandered off the dance floor for KISS, and I ran it like I should. I didn't try anything over my head, like the other night. I didn't get stupid and I didn't get too drunk.

I sat back, had a beer and checked things out. I spotted 3 possibilities around the club. There was a girl and her friends in the back. A girl and her friends on the dance floor (I was with 2 others, I had to look for the groups.) And there was a lone girl on the floor. Each was giving me vibes, so I ran with it. We ran at the ones in the back first, and I caught on really quickly that they were just cold and not looking for anything. After that, I made a move on the lone girl. I danced with her, got close, and squeezed a bit for a while, but when I stepped back to take a break she wandered off and went with some other dude (and I had been so in to dancing that I stopped drinking at this point.) So, there it was, one cold, one whore with ADD. The last girl, I never got a chance to talk to, but I still really want to. Just watching her interact with her friends and dance gave me the solid impression that she is an awesome girl to hang out with. Lucas talked to her and it turned out she had a boyfriend. So, no dice all around. We left at almost 3, but that is not the end of the tale.

We wandered back and went up to a bar we had spotted earlier, but there was nothing doing so we tried to leave via the back steps. Unfortunately there was nowhere to go that way. Somehow, Lucas busted a watermain and got himself soaked. I took that time to steal a disco ball (I've always wanted one. And, I'm a thief, so it worked out.) We wandered around some more, got some food and a couple more walking beers. Lukie was stumbling way too much, so we jumped a cab home and headed to Maccers. While we were waiting for our sausange McMuffins, I stole December from the Pokemon calendar at the register. I would've gotten the whole thing, but there was a lot of glue all over the place.

Anyway, I walked home filled with yummy, disgusting Maccers. I didn't have a smoke all night. I danced with a whore and got my fill of had my need for human contact sated for a bit. I stole things and made me feel like me again. By the end of the walk home, I was balls out laughing to myself because I was so happy with how the night went down. So much better than the other night with the bitches and the anger. I'm fucking happy. That's all that matters.

I'm fucking happy.